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Pomfret Republican Town Committee

What we do — Provide a slate of candidates for local offices, select delegates to state nominating conventions, choose a representative to the Republican State Central Committee, and conduct election activities and fundraising in support of local, state, and national Republican candidates.

Who we are — Our committee is dedicated to promoting individual freedom and responsibility, fiscally sound and limited government, Constitutional values and the principles adopted by our Founding Fathers.  We support the election of candidates at the local, state, and national levels who share our values.
Our Platform values are organized in four areas Leadership, Education, Environment, Fiscal which provide a thorough approach towards meeting our mission.

  • Our leaders will implement policies and practices in a manner that is fair and open to the ideas of all community members regardless of party affiliation.

  • Strive to preserve our unique community and excellent schools

  • Support well-conceived open space initiatives, zoning regulations and economic development opportunities with consideration for their fiscal impact and long-term vision

  • Respect the property rights of individuals, their respect for the rights of others and in their preservation of the town’s rural character

  • Promote policies that address a clean and safe environment

  • Spend what is necessary to efficiently provide essential services and maintain infrastructure to avoid more costly outlays in the long term

  • Advocate for the taxpayer by seeking fairness to minimize their individual tax burden

We are always looking for new members who share our values and the desire to preserve Pomfret’s quality of life.

The Town Committee meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Grill 37 Restaurant, 37 Putnam Road, Pomfret, CT 06259.  All registered Republicans are invited, encouraged and welcome to attend.

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