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Meet The 2024-2025 Pomfret Town Republicans Team

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

The Pomfret Republican Town Committee elected its 2024 membership at a caucus held on January 9th, 2024.  The Town Committee has a solid and growing membership.

Our 2024-2026  Active and Associate Members are:
  • Elizabeth Cariter, Jill Corey, Martha Emilio, Art Freeman, Susan Hatfield, Candy Hernandez, Carolyn Hopkins, Denis Hopkins, Gabrielle Labonte, Maureen Lane, Peter Mann, John Rauh, Nora Robbins, Elaine Sistare, Brent Tuttle, Jill Vollweiler, John Charest, Dawne Demarais, Jane Dunn, Richard Dunn, Penny Foisey, Peter Hamel, Andrew Lasick, Nick Leary, Daniel Plouffe, Jennifer Renzi, Phillip Allegretti, Whitney Bundy, Linda Bryne, James Bryne, Anthony Emilio, Robyn Incera, David Foisey, William Hull, Joanne Johnson, Paul Johnson, Paul Safin, Rob Bedard, Kyle Biancardi

Our 2024-2026 Committee Officers are:
  • Chairman:  Chris Coyle

  • Vice Chairman:  Jared Sheldon

  • Secretary:  Chris Coyle

  • Treasurer:  Donald Dunning

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